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Veneer edge banding daily maintenance

  • Lightly pull and put on the veneer edge trimming furniture when you move it, so that it will not damage the sunscreen and moisture-proof veneer. When it is exposed to high temperature, it will be deformed Azek In Deck Storage Kit Price and damaged to some extent. So try to avoid high temperatures, you can put things on the furniture table feet, so that you can achieve the effect of moisture. Cleaning and anti-scalding When cleaning, do not wipe the veneer with irritating liquid, or use hot water such as boiling water to directly place on the furniture to avoid peeling off the veneer.

    For the veneer edge banding, the standard veneer edge banding should be selected to have garden bench replacement parts good toughness, so that it will be sealed on the plate without cracking. The veneer edge banding has good stability and does not shrink or swell due to large temperature difference. The good veneer edge banding is bright, the surface is smooth, no blistering, no embossing, and the gloss is moderate. It can be seen whether the surface or the bottom surface of the veneer edge strip is flat and the thickness is wpc co-extrusion decking used in outside uniform.

    Otherwise, the gap between the veneer edge strip and the plate joint will be too large to affect the overall appearance. Look at whether the strength of the veneer edge strip is high, whether it is elastic, the better the elasticity, the better the wear resistance; if the elasticity is not high, the wear resistance is not high, and the anti-aging ability is low. In addition, according to the actual needs, you need to manually trim non fading lumber wholesale in seoul the edges, you can make soft points properly, the automatic edge banding machine can do the hard point properly.