Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker- The Final Trailer Released

  • Star wars is among the most well-acclaimed and world-renowned movie franchises of all time. The American space-based franchise has added nine installments under its name and is set to release another one. Star Wars is not merely a film franchise; the flick has gone on to become an international phenomenon.

    Whatever the industry be, Star Wars have already capitalized on it. It may be character figurines, animated series, Blu-rays, video-games, or a live-adaptation series; Star Wars have it all. The original addition to the space saga started way back in 1977, and its most recent installment was released in 2017.

     The movie is looked forward globally by the die-hard fans, and the reason is simple, the film will put an end to the sequel trilogy and the Skywalker storyline altogether. Lucasfilm is utilizing what has been their marketing strategy for all these years, and this seems to be working yet again. The hype for the flick is reaching new heights as its release date comes closer.

    Disney took a page off of Avengers playbook and held the title unrevealed until April. It was finally revealed at the Celebration Chicago, and the fans loved it. The studio does not intend to stop here as the fans wait and theorize about the December releasing movie.

    We recently received a significant release of tie-in products, a cover story containing new images, and a bit of detail as well. However, what the fans really wanted was footage, and we received it recently as well. The final trailer for Rise of Skywalker was released by Lucasfilm recently, along with a brand new poster.

    The footage was the longest out of every trailer, but it took the same approach as its predecessor and kept the plot details to a minimum. The video consisted of vague yet intriguing dialogues from the main four characters. It featured some out-of-context shots and scenarios, as well.

    The nature of the mission is still unknown alongside the returning villain. The viewers have no idea about Emperor Palpatine’s plan either, and the speculations are rapidly surging. The studio is being reasonably cautious as we only saw the physical appearance of the villain at the end of the trailer.

    We cannot hype the movie more than it already has, and the trailer reassured the fans to expect some iconic moments from the upcoming flick. Disney is going full-throttle this year, with Endgame and now wrapping up the Skywalker Saga. The previous solo addition stumbled a bit on the box office; however, we can be confident that it is back in its full form.

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