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    Phantasy Star buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta Online 2 eventually coming to the West was one of the biggest stories coming from E3 2019. The second entry has not made its way out of Japan until now while the much-beloved Dreamcast original was released globally in 2001. Although Phil Spenser has made it clear that Microsoft intends to make Phantasy Star Online 2 multiplatform finally, it had been Xbox Insiders who made to receive their hands on the first official localization during the closed beta that past weekend. It was rough going at first; it seems like SEGA did not expect the ravenous demand for PSO2 to be so strong among Western Xbox One owners, since the mass influx of players Friday night left the servers at shambles for the first few hours of the beta. After a bit of maintenance, though, the community has been treated to a few of 2020's best gaming experiences up to now.

    The name originally released and is by no means a powerhouse, but it still holds up quite a bit better than one might expect. The vivid, anime-inspired visuals and generous dollops of colour do wonders for creating the character models, enemies, and area station station seem crisp and appealing. It's only when accepting missions and exploring generic forest, volcano, and desert environments that Phantasy Star Online 2's age starts to show.

    The base set up for Phantasy Star Online 2 is easy and enticing: as new recruits of ARKS, an explorer firm traveling through space to find a habitable world, players should take on all manner of exploration-based quests while still defending themselves from hostile alien lifeforms. The inherent open-endedness of a premise such as this lends itself to an MMORPG; there's a linear storyline to be followed, but the real meat of this experience is found from the party-based assignments surrounding it. Between seven different types of quests along with the additional challenges provided by Client Orders (e.g."Find X Enemy Drop" or"Defeat X Sort of Enemies Only utilizing a Gunblade"), there's a metric ton of number here for those not compelled from the core narrative.

    Of course, this quest-based structure would fall flat on its face when the combat PSO2 Meseta was not engaging. When it comes to supplying a battle system which works nicely on controller after all, MMORPGs battle. Instead of presenting players with dozens of charm and attack icons on-screen, Phantasy Star Online 2 sensibly streamlines


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