Things to Watch Out for When Choosing a Vacuum Pump

  • Whereas is might seem like an easy undertaking, there is more to choosing a vacuum pump than meets the eye. And with the different types of vacuum pumps available at your disposal, it might take some time before you make an informed purchase decision. From the diaphragm vacuum pump to the ultrahigh vacuum, you need to be sure you’re investing in the right one.


    Fortunately, you can get through this hassle-free, provided you know the things to watch out for when shopping around. To help you get started, we’ve compiled some of the factors you must take into consideration when choosing a vacuum pump.


    Flow Rate

    The flow rate should be among your biggest determinants before you make up your mind to buy a vacuum pump. After all, it is related to the draining time of the machine. Ensure you evaluate the capacity of the vacuum pump to see if it produces the required pumping speed and mass flow rate as per the process requirements. Generally, the lower the flow rate, the longer the draining time of the pump. Keep in mind the flow rate you settle on is entirely based on how you plan to use the vacuum pump.


    Maintenance and Cost

    Aside from the flow rate, it is also essential that you factor in the maintenance and cost before placing an order. This will mean analyzing the frequency of maintenance cycles. You might be wondering why this is even important in the first place. Well, it determines the overall cost of your installation. Of course, you should also factor in the purchase price together with the operating and maintenance costs. Through this action, you won’t have to dig deeper into your pockets simply because you want to buy a diaphragm vacuum pump.


    The Bottom Line

    Many factors come into play when looking forward to investing in a vacuum pump. From the pump’s flow rate and chemical compatibility to the lubrication, maintenance and cost, be sure to spend some time researching around. That way, you can clear all the doubts you may be having in mind.


    To ensure you get nothing but the best diaphragm vacuum pump, consider getting in touch with Micro-Air. Regardless of the type or brand of vacuum pump you want to buy, be rest assured you will find it here without digging deeper into your pockets.