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Does Superstition Have a Place in Poker?

  • Since man can remember, superstition is a part of life. You will find that history books and historical fictions are full of beliefs that do not always make sense. This is the definition of superstition, an illogical faith. With the advancements in technology and science, you would think such beliefs would have no place. This isn't the case. Superstitions are prevalent in almost every aspect of modern society. Superstition is likely to be a part of everyone's lives, whether they are aware of it or not.

    Take poker as an example. The general public has always viewed poker as a game based on luck. This would breed superstition, as luck and these beliefs are closely linked. Anyone who has played poker will tell you that while luck is a factor, it's not the only one. If you take a broader view, then skill is more important. Where does superstition come into play?

    If you look into the lives and rituals of famous poker players, or even those who are not as famous, it is likely that they have some kind of lucky charm. Some players carry a rabbit foot keychain around in their pockets. Some players keep a photo in their wallets. Coins are another quaint superstition. Do not immediately pick up a coin you find on the floor on your way to play poker. Check to see if the coin is lying face-down. Leave it alone, it will bring you only bad luck best site. If the coin is lying face-up, pick it up and put it in your wallet. Lady Luck will be with you when playing. 

    The way we perceive luck is also influenced by our culture. Some African Americans have a belief in mojo. This pouch is made from flannel and comes in different colors. The mojos are filled with one or more magical items. Money mojos are green. You must have the green mojo with you during a game of poker in order to be successful.

    You would not purchase this type of item if you do not like the supernatural and mystical. But think about it. Maybe these charms work in their own unique way. They are a good luck charm for those who believe in it. They think they'll be lucky, and that puts them in a good mood. The power of your mind is something you should be aware of. It has always been important to believe in yourself. In poker, it is the same. The four-leaf clover may not have magical powers, but someone who believes he'll be lucky will enter a poker game with more confidence. This may give him that extra push to play and win.

    Although superstitions are not logical, they can give you a mental and emotional advantage!