Remember Not To Let Your Memories Disappear and Keep A Digital

  • In the past, printing your APS film was necessary to fully enjoy the memories. Your APS film can now be converted to easily readable digital forms, protecting your memories for all time. With the help of our APS film scanning, you can scan APS film negatives and release all the images confined to film canisters.


    Our Specific APS Film Corrections


    We bring the memories on the APS film to life rather than just scanning it. After scanning, almost all photos require some sort of correction, which might range from simple red-eye removal to complex colour shift. By removing any dust or scratches that may have made their way onto the film, the best quality is produced. It can be difficult to develop APS film because of the numerous image formats included on a single roll of the film and the sophisticated processing equipment required. If your APS film has already been developed, the negatives are kept securely inside the canister. To digitise these photos, however, requires their extraction, which is not straightforward.


    We have the equipment to safely scan your APS film to digital without jeopardizing the treasured memories it contains. If a service provider has limited experience scanning APS film, they risk ruining your source negatives by taking them out and cutting them in order to scan them. However, we are aware of proper APS film handling techniques. We recognise the value of your irreplaceable memories. Your APS film is handled with extraordinary care and scanned with the newest, most sophisticated scanners that are especially made for APS films in order to give you a scanned image that is equivalent to a 10 megapixel image.  Each image is scanned, and after that, it is processed by a knowledgeable specialist who, manually corrects minor errors in the image.