Why Choose Our Professional Film Scanning Service

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    You require the scanning and digital archiving of your long roll film, strip-cut film, or mounted slides. Use our top-notch scanning tools to expertly scan your medium format, specialty film or mounted slides. For you to archive your film at the most affordable prices, we provide tiered pricing and a variety of output resolution choices.


    For Mounted Slides and Cut Negatives, the first Strip is charged at the First Scan rate, and the second and subsequent Strips are charged at the Additional Scan rate.


    Our services


    In our professional film scanning service, we've built our service from the ground up with the concept of a technician processing and adjusting each of your images as necessary.


    One aspect of our scanning service is scanning negatives to create very nice digital pictures. Additionally, each picture needs to be repaired and corrected in some way because all the colour slides eventually develop scratches and colour shifts over time unless they are kept in archival-quality, subzero conditions. To give your digitised negative images the best possible appearance, we always regularly make the following adjustments.


    • Re-orientation
    • Cropping
    • Removal of scuffs and grime
    • a change in colour
    • Red-eye reduction


    In summary, a technician will spend at least four minutes per negative, plus additional time, performing our normal negative scanning service. Our experience scanning millions of negatives shows that, for only pennies per picture, this almost always results in amazing quality. Some negatives may be so damaged they require our expert photo restoration service, but that's relatively uncommon.


    Your shortcomings are probably some of the most valuable items you have. Since the negatives typically yield much better scans, they are actually much more valuable than prints of the same picture. And since some photographs may only appear as negatives, their value is increased.