ServiceNow CMDB Tutorial | Concepts of CMDB in ServiceNow

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    What is CMDB in ServiceNow ?


    A configuration management database (CMDB) is a database that contains all relevant information about the hardware, IP Components and software components etc. used in an organization's IT services and it also contains the relationships between those components.


    So, in this way cmdb in servicenow provides an organized view of configuration data so that the organization gains the full visibility of its infrastructure and services, leading to more control of organization environment and better decisions.


    There are some core features of cmdb, which helps to manage and maintain the Configuration data and provides the required information of infrastructure components. Core features of cmdb are:
    • CMDB Health
    • CMDB Identification and Reconciliation
    • CMDB lifecycle Management
    • CMDB baseline 


    2. SCCM

    Through Microsoft SCCM integration you can import SCCM data into cmdb in servicenow. But remember that you can only perform single direction import from SCCM to cmdb in servicenow.

    3. CMDB Discovery

    Cmdb discovery is servicenow product and by using cmdb discovery you can import the information into servicenow instance from another source  and you can also integrate servicenow cmdb with existing external cmdb. Cmdb discovery is widely used to populate and manage the CI related data in servicenow cmdb.

    So as we discussed above about cmdb discovery, let's see in detail that what is cmdb discovery and what are the types of discovery.

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    What is Discovery?

    Discovery finds computers, servers, printers, a variety of IP-enabled devices, and the applications that run on them. It can then update the CIs in CMDB with the data it collects. 
    Discovery is an ITOM application and it is a paid plugin from servicenow.