UZI Tactical Pen - Glass Breaker

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    When a mugger attempts to enter your office or break into your home, you need a tool that's lightweight and undetectable. That's why tactical pens have become such popular options for self-defense purposes.


    The UZI Tactical Pen glass breaker is constructed from lightweight aircraft aluminum and equipped with an ultra-durable carbide tip glass breaker. Additionally, it includes a full handcuff key and DNA catcher for added security.



    Aircraft Aluminum Body

    Aluminum construction on aircraft makes them light and durable, while also cutting down on their fuel consumption - enabling them to fly longer distances at lower costs.


    Aircraft metal supply comprises a variety of aluminum alloys, each with its own distinct properties. These alloys provide strength and longevity in a range of environmental conditions.


    In aviation, the most widely used aluminum alloys are 7075, 6063, and 2024-T3. They find application in skins, frames, wing ribs, stringers, bulkheads, and other aircraft structural parts.


    Aircraft-grade aluminum is highly corrosion resistant, helping to minimize the chance of damage during flight. Not only that, but its light weight also provides excellent thermal conductivity - keeping engines and exhaust systems cool so passengers can stay comfortable on long flights.

    Carbide Tip

    For those in search of a high-quality glass breaker pen, this UZI Tactical Pen is one to keep on hand. Its aircraft aluminum body can withstand everyday usage while its carbide tip provides maximum power.


    Carbide is a widely used material to craft cutting tools such as saw blades, lathe bits, drill bits, and dental drilling tips. Not only are these blades tough and durable; they hold an edge well for extended periods of time but they also possess unique strength properties like their ability to resist heat - more on this later.


    Retractable Tip

    No matter if you're in the middle of a tactical scenario or simply taking notes, this pen can handle the job. With its push-button mechanism, reliable refill, and handy pocket clip, this tactical pen makes an excellent companion to carry with you at all times.


    UZI Tactical Pens have been proven to be both stylish and tough since their launch in the 1950s. Utilizing advanced technical concepts with innovative designs, they have earned the trust of the military, secret service, and special forces alike since then.


    This tactical pen features a re-sharpenable glass breaker tip for any emergency situation requiring you to break glass or door. Crafted with aircraft aluminum, it is built to last and provide years of reliable performance.


    Pocket Clip

    The UZI Tactical Pen glass breaker is the ideal tool to have on hand in case of emergency or escape from a robber in your apartment. Crafted from aircraft aluminum, its spring-loaded carbide tip can shatter even the toughest glass.


    The pocket clip makes it convenient to carry when you're on the go. The knurled aluminum body provides comfortable writing and accepts standard Parker and Fisher Space Pen refills.


    Motti Slodowitz has been working as a Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer at Campco for 28 years. Campco is part of the Freight & Logistics Services industry and is located in California, United States.


    The ideal tactical pen is one that combines the writing capacity of an ordinary pen with that of a self-defense weapon or multipurpose striking tools such as a kubaton or small knife. Galls offers customers access to trusted brands like Smith & Wesson, Campco, and UZI for this purpose. For first responders and law enforcement officers particularly, having access to a UZI Tactical Pen glass breaker is recommended at all times.