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What is the Meaning of “WTW” on Snapchat?

  • Snapchat is a popular social media platform through which one can interact with their friends, and family members by sending messages, videos, pictures, and much more. It provides us with fun filters and stickers through which we can make our communication more creative and enjoyable. We use various abbreviations on Snapchat to make conversations more fun, short, and simple.


    The meaning of WTW in the text stands for ”what’s the word” and the sender sends this message to you when they are concerned about or are just checking up on you. Well, WTW is a great acronym when we want to start a conversation with someone or want to meet someone soon. We can use WTW in many ways like when we want to strike up a conversation with a stranger, want to make plans with someone, or want to meet a friend and want to talk to them. When someone asks you WTW you simply reply with a smile and also ask them the same. It’s just a kind gesture when we ask them back about their well-being. You can talk to them or make plans with them to spend some time together. Always be careful when you reply to a stranger because sometimes it can be kind of risky to reply to someone you don’t know. 



    There are other various abbreviations that we can use to chat with someone. WTW meaning on Snapchat is “What’s the word” is one of them and is used when we want to strike up a conversation, wanna meet someone, or are just messaging them for fun. You must be cleared with what does WTV mean on snapchat.