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  • When it comes to shopping, Kerala has a lot to offer. From street markets to traditional handicraft shops, there is something for everyone. Here are some of the best shopping experiences in the Kerala Tour Package. The first one is Street Markets. Kerala is home to many vibrant street markets where you can find anything and everything. From fresh produce to spices, textiles, and more, these markets are a great place to bargain for good deals. The second one is Traditional Handicraft Shops. If you're looking for traditional Kerala souvenirs, then head to one of the many handicraft shops around the state. Here you'll find beautiful handcrafted items made by local artisans. The third one is Spice Shops. Kerala is famous for its spices, so make sure to visit a spice shop during your stay. Here you can buy all types of spices, from simple black pepper to more exotic blends. The last one is Textile Shops. Kerala is also known for its beautiful textiles, so don't miss out on visiting a textile shop during your trip. You'll find an amazing variety of fabrics here, from traditional saris to contemporary shirts and more.

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