Top two best-selling tractor models in Indian Market

  • The Indian tractor market is one of the largest in the world, with a wide range of models available to suit different needs and budgets. Two of the best-selling tractor models in the Indian market are Digitrac PP 51i and Kartar 5936, known for their reliability, durability, and affordability. These tractors have features such as high horsepower, advanced technology and superior build quality, which make them popular choices among farmers and agriculture professionals. 


    For the farmers' convenience and to help them make a more informed choice when buying a tractor, we have listed the features, specifics, and tractor price of both tractor models below.


    Featuring: Digitrac PP 51i and 



    Digitrac PP 51i Tractor 


    The Digitrac PP 51i tractor is designed for high productivity and efficiency. It has a 60-horsepower engine that provides the necessary power and torque for challenging tasks. This tractor is a top performer in its class, with a large lifting capacity and a user-friendly hydraulic system for easy attachment and removal of implements. The Digitrac Tractor Priceranges from Rs. 7.78 to Rs. 8.08 lakh*. It is an advanced and versatile machine suitable for various agricultural activities, such as tilling fields, planting crops, and transporting supplies.


    Kartar 5936 Tractor


    The Kartar 5936 tractor is a top-performing and dependable machine from the Kartar brand. It features a 60-horsepower engine and advanced technology, enabling it to handle demanding tasks effortlessly. Its sturdy design and efficient performance make it a great option for farmers and ranchers looking for a trustworthy tractor for various tasks. Additionally, it has power steering, oil-immersed brakes and a comfortable seat, making it easy to operate and user-friendly. The Kartar tractor price lies around Rs 11 lakhs and is cost-effective.


    Overall, these two tractor models are known for their exceptional performance and are a great choice for farmers looking for a high-quality, reliable tractor that will perfectly fit your large-scale farming