Two Tractor Brands For Making Farming Operations Easier

  • As the tractor industry is growing rapidly, it becomes essential to use a powerful tractor, whether a heavy-duty or a mini tractor model. However, many agricultural brands deliver farming tractors to reduce the labour and cost of crop production. Moreover, we are explaining two of the best tractor brands for easier farming. These brands provide top-notch farming machines for every farmer.


    Two Popular Tractor Brands 


    Swaraj Tractors

    Swaraj tractors are famous for fulfilling all the requirements in crop production. Therefore, a modern farmer prefers a Swaraj tractor for low-cost farming. Moreover, the Swaraj tractors are listed at economical prices. Apart from this, the brand provides more than 20 farming tractor models in India. Along with this, the price of a Swaraj tractor starts from Rs. 2.45 lakh, which rises to Rs. 10.50 lakh in India. Also, the Swaraj tractors are available from 11 to 75 HP in India. So, choose Swaraj to accomplish higher farming productivity. 


    Solis Tractors


    Solis is a well-reputed tractor brand for delivering top-class tractors. This tractor manufacturer is reliable and trusted among Indian farmers due to its fuel-efficient tractors. Moreover, Solis tractors are available from 27 to 60 HP in India. Therefore, farmers can choose from a variety of tractors. Also, a Solis tractor is listed at an affordable price on Tractor Guru with all the details related to warranty and specifications. The price of Solis tractors starts from Rs. 5.23 lakh, which goes up to Rs. 9.35 lakh in India. So, select Solis tractors for efficient farming. 

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