Top Two Utility Tractors To Fulfill All Your Farming Needs

  • Due to superior performance and adaptability, New Holland and Massey Ferguson tractor models are well-liked by farmers. These tractors are outfitted with cutting-edge technology to increase the productivity of farming operations and are built to handle the toughest duties on the farm.


    We've covered two Massey Ferguson and New Holland Tractor models in this microblog to provide you with the information you need to choose your next agricultural investment wisely.


    Featuring: New Holland and Massey Ferguson Tractor


    New Holland 4710 Tractor


    The New Holland 4710 is a dependable and versatile tractor model, ideal for a wide range of farming operations. With its powerful 47-horsepower engine, the tractor can handle heavy loads and tough conditions. This New Holland tractorfeatures advanced technologies like Fully Constant Mesh / Synchro Shuttle transmission with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, ensuring smooth and easy operation. Additionally, it comes with mechanical and real oil-immersed brakes and power/mechanical steering. Priced between Rs.7.27 Lakhs to Rs.9.34 Lakhs, it's an economical choice for farmers and commercial operators.


    Massey Ferguson 246 DI DYNATRACK


    The Massey Ferguson 246 DI DYNATRACK tractor is a powerful and versatile machine that can accomplish all your farming goals. It has a three-cylinder engine with 46 horsepower and 540 RPM, with a 2700 CC capacity. The tractor also has a fully constant mesh transmission with 12 forward gears and 12 reverse gears, operated by a dual diaphragm clutch. Additionally, it has 39 PTO horsepower and a 2050 Kg lifting capacity to handle essential farming equipment. The tractor also features multi-disc oil-immersed disc brakes for high grip and safety. Priced between Rs. 7.10 lakhs to 7.60 lakhs, thisMassey Ferguson tractoris a great value for farmers and commercial operators.

    These are the two tractors from New Holland and Massey Ferguson with tractor price and specifications that will make your farming smooth and efficient.