Treatment of anxiety with therapies and spuk pills.

  • Anxiety is the most commonly found mental disorder. It effects people of every age group. There are multiple reasons of getting anxiety disorder which include Traumas, brain injury, stress etc. People should not ignore the symptoms of Anxiety or any other mental health disorders. These disorders require proper treatment otherwise they may disturb your life. The treatment of anxiety includes therapies like Cognitive behavioral therapy and medication like spuk pills. Here we are going to discuss about the therapies and the medication given in the treatment process.




    There are different therapies that can be given to the anxiety patient according to their symptoms.

    1. Cognitive behavioral therapy - The therapy has 8-12 sessions depending on the situation of the patient. Therapist has to do rapport building. Give different tasks to patient. Patient should do everything the therapist ask to do. By having proper therapy, the anxiety will be gone in just 4-5 weeks.

    2. Exposure therapy - This therapy is the best to treat phobias. Patient has to face exposure which gives him anxiety. By facing the situation under therapist's observation, therapist try to change the disturbed thoughts of the patient. This can also be dangerous for patient. That's why it is used under certain circumstances.

    3. Client centred therapy - In this therapy all the cognitive thoughts are understood by the therapist. By counseling, therapist try to correct the thoughts that are causing anxiety in patient.

    So these are three main therapies that are given to the anxiety patient. Patient should remain honest to his treatment process. If these therapies are not working in a proper way then therapist should take help of medicines like spuk pills.

    Following are some important spuk pills that psychiatrist can prescribes to the patient.




    1. Temazepam
    2. Xanax
    3. Clonazepam
    4. Zolpidem
    5. Diazepam
    6. Lorazepam
    7. Zopiclone

    These spuk pills are the best to treat anxiety and related disorders. All of the above mentioned medicines belong to the benzodiazepine drug category. It means these pills work on GABA receptor and calm your anxiety by increasing the working of GABA. GABA blocks the anxious signals from entering your brain and you feel a sight of relief. Spuk pills will eliminate anxiety in just 3-4 weeks.
    The spuk pills are heavy. That's why they are not suitable for children, pregnant ladies and teenagers. For these people, therapies are the best way to get rid of Anxiety. Always ask your therapist before taking any of the sleeping medicine. It is safe to take only if you are not abusing them. So take it carefully and eliminate your mental health disorder to live a healthy and prosperous life.