Natural Feed For Shrimp Farming

  • Natural Feed For Shrimp Farming


    Shrimp are omnivores. They spend their days in the deep water, but at night they search for food. The shrimp's natural feed is different kinds of moss, aquatic plants, microscopic phytoplankton and zooplankton, decaying organic matter and so on. In addition, shrimp also eat a variety of aquatic insects eggs and larvae, substrate micro animals as a natural feed. There are two kinds of natural feed for shrimp farming.


    Phytoplankton: Bluish green moss, green moss, diatoms etc. are favorite phytoplankton of shrimp.

    Zooplankton: The favorite zooplanktons of shrimp are cladocera, rotifers, artemia etc.


    Producing Phytoplankton

    To produce phytoplankton like diatoms and blue-green moss for shrimp, keep a small amount of urea, TSP, sodium or potash silicate in a polyethylene bag and add a small amount of water. Add some moss to the compost mixture and close the bag. Then float the bag on the surface of the pond for 6 to 7 days. After about 6 to 7 days, a lot of diatoms and turquoise moss will grow.


    Producing Zooplankton

    The production of zooplankton requires 15-20 small concrete reservoirs. Then fill each tank with 2/3 of the water. Release zooplankton in each reservoir by collecting them from natural resources. A few days later, when the water in the reservoirs turns dark green, the reservoirs are filled with zooplankton.


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