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Troubleshooting Duplicate Entries in QuickBooks: Causes and Sol

  • Facing duplicate entries in QuickBooks when downloading merchant service deposits and unable to decide what can be done? Well, at the time of downloading the merchant service deposits in QuickBooks the users often end up in duplicate entries. This can be due to a bunch of factors and can be resolved by performing some set of steps. To find out the steps to resolve duplicate entries in QuickBooks, make sure to read this post till the end. Or you can also contact our tech support team at +1-888-351-0999 and we will provide you with instant support services.

    What causes duplicate entries in QuickBooks?

    The following factors can be the reason behind duplicate entries in QuickBooks. Let us have a look:

    • One of the basic reasons can be when downloading the merchant service deposits and using QuickBooks online banking to reconcile bank deposits
    • If there is connectivity issue when communicating with the system
    • Another reason can be if the adjusted bank account or transactions in QuickBooks

    Steps to delete duplicate payments in QuickBooks

    The user can try to perform the below set of steps to delete duplicate payment in QuickBooks. Let us have a look:

    • The very first step is to choose the record merchant service deposits from the banking drop down menu
    • Once done with that choose the payments to be deleted in the add online payments tab
    • The user is then required to choose the dismiss selected payments
    • Followed by hitting ok tab when you see the warning message on the screen
    • The deposits show the dismissed transactions before recording
    • After the user gets the amount of the deposit, he/she needs to dismissed transactions
    • Note that, to show the dismissed payments, one needs to head to the change your deposit settings and after that select the number of transactions from the show dismissed payments from drop down menu

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    Now that we come to the end of this post, we believe that the steps above might help in fixing duplicate entries in QuickBooks. However, if you have any query or if you need our assistance at some point in time, then feel free to connect with our QuickBooks tech support professionals at +1-888-351-0999 and they will provide you with immediate support services. We are a team of certified QuickBooks professionals who work round the clock in providing immediate services.