The most effective Israeli doctors conduct your analysis and tr

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    Answers and questions

    Exactly what makes Ichilov different from other Israeli hospitals. Acquire more information about

    1. Israel's most significant healthcare facility. Top Ichilov Clinic has got the most advanced equipment in Israel and employs the best Israeli physicians.

    2. In the middle of Tel Aviv. The location provides the entire system: hotels, cafes and restaurants, shopping centers, embankment, and so forth.

    3. The central healthcare facility of federal significance. Best Ichilov Clinic works with by far the most complicated cases and gets recommendations from all the hospitals in Israel.

    4. Probably the most prestigious Israeli medical facility. Thanks to exclusive treatment techniques the hospital remains a beautiful work environment not simply for Israeli medical doctors but in addition for specialists from worldwide.

    Does the hospital help in traversing the Israeli border?

    The clinic's staff will prepare every one of the paperwork required for speedy boundary management and will meet up with you at the airport.

    Where by is Ichilov Healthcare facility found?

    A healthcare facility is situated in the middle of Tel Aviv, inside of 10-quarter-hour strolling extended distance in the main metropolis square and in half an hour strolling extended distance through the Mediterranean water front. In walking range one could also locate several cafes and restaurants, shopping centers, hotels and apartments. The taxi cab journey from your Ben Gurion overseas airport towards the healthcare facility will take fifteen minutes.

    Keep away from fraudulence while being treated in Israel?

    Untrustworthy agents frequently offer Ichilov Medical facility services to foreign people. Experiencing paid for money, people see themselves under interns' care or even without medical assist altogether. To avoid fraudulence, pay attention to the site: it should attribute pictures of the clinic, video opinions from patients, postal tackle (along with e-email).

    Services needs to be purchased upon their finalization. If these problems aren't achieved, there exists a chance you're coping with scammers.

    How to preserve money?

    1. Acquire some tests in which you live. If you have CT or MRI disks and biopsy slides or disables, don't forget about to bring those to Israel. Given proper top quality of the materials, our specialists is only going to examine (change) them, and you also won't have to replicate the methods.

    2. Continue treatment at home. You can purchase examination in our clinic and then receive the treatment protocol and prescriptions. You will be able to go by this process with your home region.

    3. Get tax deduction (TAX FREE). The clinic is certified, along with the patients could have a 15% medical treatment tax deduction.