This new feature lets users manage two tasks

  • Picture-in-picture:  This new feature lets users manage two tasks simultaneously on any size screen, and it&custom golf umbrella39;s easy for apps to support it. Autofill will roll out fully over the next few weeks as part of an update to Google Play Services.0 is named after a well-known cookie brand Oreo. Dots work with zero effort for most apps — it even extracts the colour of the dot from an icon. As we all know, Google’s mobile operating system Android has always been named after a dessert # and in an alphabetical order. The new mobile OS version claims to bring in tons of new features, which includes picture-in-picture, autofill, integrated Instant Apps, Google Play Protect, a faster boot up and a few more. Google has already started pushing out the source codes to AOSP so that everyone (developers) can use and create their own third-party ROMS, and manufacturers can use them for upgrading their handsets accordingly. Apps using form data can optimise their apps for Autofill, and password manager apps can use the new APIs to make their services available to users in their favourite apps. Some of the features are as below.


    Android O is also heavily optimised for battery life optimisation, apart from startup time, graphics rendering and stability.Notification dots: It extends the reach of notifications and offers a new way to surface activity in your apps.Autofill framework: This simplifies how users set up a new device and synchronise their passwords.Android 8.0 Oreo focuses on creating fluid experiences that aim to make Android even more powerful and easy to use. This is not the first time Google has borrowed the name from a brand — KitKat was also involved for an earlier version.Well, now that Google took its chance and revealed Oreo during the rare Solar Eclipse this year, what new does Oreo bring to the table and what is in it for you? Find out.


    Speculations about the next version of Android were already floating months ahead of the final revelation, and now Google has finally pronounced the O as Oreo. Google has also confirmed that they have been closely working with smartphone manufacturers, namely Essential, Huawei, HTC, Kyocera, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sharp and Sony, who are scheduled to be launching and upgrading new devices to Android Oreo.0 goes live. This though has been available on Samsung and LG smartphones from a pretty while.After more than a year of development and months of testing with developers and early adopters, Android 8.As for now, the Pixel and Nexus smartphones are being tested by various carriers and the final roll out will hit the OTA servers within a few weeks. Android’s version 8