The food regulator shall take steps to encourage

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    “The food regulator shall take steps to encourage the production, manufacture, distribution, sale and consumption of fortified food wholesale custom umbrella including fortification through conventional breeding/ hybridization, in cooperation with concerned government departments,” says the draft.As per the prescribed standards, atta, when fortified, shall contain added iron, folic acid and Vitamin B-12. The level of fortification has been specified, which the manufacturers will adhere to before the products reach the market.Similarly, separate standards have been set for fortification of maida with iron, folic acid and Vitamin B 12.”The salt makers, adding iodine to their ware, will have to ensure that no less than 30 parts per million (ppm) of iodine should be present when manufactured.


    New Delhi: Calling for adoption of fortified food in government-run schemes, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), released a notification specifying standards for fortification of salt, oil, milk, atta, maida, and rice. Every package of food, fortified with iron, shall carry a statement.Officials said that the move will help tackle the malnutiriton crisis and will help promote wholesome food in the country. Similar standards are prescribed for fortification of vegetable oil with Vitamin A or Vitamin D, fortification of vanaspati, among others.The FSSAI made it mandatory for the manufacturers to ensure that the level of fortified food should neither fall below the minimum level or exceed the amount of micronutrient as specified by the food regulator.


    According to the draft notification, “The package of fortified food will have to carry the name of the fortificant.According to the new regulation, the fortified food will have to bear a logo prescribed by the food regulator. In addition, atta may also be fortified with zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6. The FSSAI directed the manufacturers and packers of fortified food to make an undertaking on quality assurance and submit evidence of steps taken in regard to fortification to the food regulator.. Likewise, rice when fortified shall contain added iron, folic acid and Vitamin B-12