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  • LexCounsel represents real estate lawyers and financiers. We advise on all aspects of real estate transactions including compliances, registrations, and reporting under RERA, leases, and license arrangements for office, industrial and commercial space and disputes.


    "Buy land, they’re not making it anymore" – Mark Twain


    The real estate sector in India like many other areas is regulated by a comprehensive web of central and state legislation including the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act. Our Real Estate practice helps the clients decipher this web and to accomplish the desired transaction.

    • Compliances, registrations and reporting under RERA, the jurisdictional town and country planning offices, municipal corporations and other regulatory bodies.
    • Negotiation of real estate acquisitions and sales anywhere in India, drafting of conveyance, financing and other documents and securing registration and enforcement of the agreements through the judicial process.
    • Leases, sub-leases and license arrangements for retail, office space, industrial and commercial space.
    • Real estate development and construction agreements for commercial, industrial, mixed-use and residential complexes.
    • Real estate financing, structuring and drafting of documentation for mortgages, trust deeds and other financing transactions.


    LexCounsel draws on the specialized expertise of several specialists professionals and specialists to provide seamless and comprehensive legal advice on real estate issues throughout India. Contact us to ensure timely delivery of legal services.


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