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Coinbase clone script- An ideal way to build an OTC Exchange.

  • As a startup you may aware, cryptocurrency will eventually turn into a terrible asset similar to real estate. Most business tycoons began trading the cryptos in large quantities, even many investors started to trade cryptos. But users are unable to trade large volumes of cryptos at once on a conventional exchange. Only the OTC cryptocurrency exchange is capable of doing that. On this OTC exchange, users can trade cryptocurrency directly from the admin without the help of a buyer or a seller.


    When it comes to OTC exchange, Coinbase exchange is a popular choice among the many OTC platforms today. So as a startup, you can create an OTC exchange like Coinbase so that users will be familiar with your exchange. Although there are many different ways to develop an OTC exchange like Coinbase, the coinbase clone script method is the most efficient one. It is the “gravy train for the budding startup..”!

    What is the coinbase clone script?

    Coinbase clone script is the pre-designed crypto exchange software of the existing coinbase exchange, which holds all the functionalities of coinbase. With just a small investment in the coinbase clone script, you can generate a sizable profit. It gives you 100% customizable options, and you can also add or enable features based on current trends and the state of the market. 


    Why prefer a coinbase clone script?


    You may wonder why the clone script method, why not others. I will give you a clear explanation. If you are planning to build a coinbase clone script from scratch, you should hire a team of developers to plan the framework of the coinbase exchange, functionalities, etc. It takes a minimum of 1 year to complete the exchange. The development cost will range from $50,000 to $100,000. But in the clone script, it is not like that. You can directly get the ready-made software that holds all the functionalities of coinbase, you need not develop it from scratch. The development cost might range from $8,000 to $14,000. Besides, your exchange can be implemented within 7 days.


    Top-notch features of coinbase clone script


    Coinbase clone script is unique when coming to features. Let's see its first-class features


    1. User Panel 

    2. Powerful admin portal

    3. Convert crypto

    4. KYC system 

    5. Different payment modes

    6. Instant notification 

    7. Admin profit management 

    8. Device management 

    9. Support system 

    10. Content management system 

    11. IP restrictions

    12. Ban users



    Since we can see less competition in the market but high expectations among the users, this is the right time to build a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase using the Coinbase clone software. So launch a cryptocurrency exchange what actually the user expects in it. There are various Coinbase clone script providers, and each provider has their professional touch to turn something magical! Find the best coinbase clone script provider by analyzing the market and who suits your business.