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3 Points to Consider When Purchasing Your House Signs


    When you are shopping for house signs for your property, you need to spend a bit of time deciding which one is right for your home. House signs are usually put at the front of your property, so they are one of the first things people will see and they can influence how people see your property, so it is quite an important decision if you want guests to have a positive reaction to your home.


    The 3 main points when choosing a house are:


    1. Size and shape


    2. Colour and design


    3. House name or house number


    Let's have a look at those points in more detail.


    Size and Shape of the House Sign


    There are many different sizes and shapes for house signs out there, there are oval, circular, square and every other shape you can think of. Depending on what type of property you have and what kind of look you are going for you need to decide what you are trying to portray with your property, different shapes give off different responses.


    Circular house signs will give off the impression of community, wholeness, safety, perfect and warmth. If this is the impression you want to give to people and a circular house sign would suit the style of your property then this shape would be ideal.


    Rectangle and square house signs will give the impression of logic, security and order.


    Triangle or house signs with 3 points give off the impression of energy, power, strength and science.


    Knowing the above you can choose which shape would suit your property best.


    Colour and Design


    Obviously choosing a colour for your house sign will be pretty much self explanatory, you need to match it up with your property. If you have a few colours to choose from that will go with your property then you can look a little deeper into the meanings of the colours.


    Black is the colour of authority and power and will match any other colour. It gives off a certain style and can imply submission.


    White as most people will know implies innocence and purity; it is also considered a summer colour.


    Red is the colour of love and is a very stimulating colour, but it can be a confrontational colour so you need to be careful with this one.


    Blue is the opposite of red, it symbolises peace and tranquility.


    Green often gives off the impression of nature and intelligence.


    Yellow attracts attention but can be overpowering if used too much.


    The design of your house sign is completely dependent on you; if you have a modern style property then really you need to stick to a modern house sign which is simplistic, made from either plastic/acrylic or some kind chrome styled material. If your property has a lot of nature such as trees and plants then your home would be suited to a wooden or flowery design.


    House Name or House Number Sign


    Choosing to either have a house name sign such as 'The Woodlands' or a house number sign such as number '17' depends upon what impression you want to make.


    House name signs will generally give off the impression of wealth and stature, also country houses or large homes will generally be suited to having a house name sign.


    House number signs are more of a modern contemporary style, mainly for stylish apartments or town houses. They give off the impression of a stylish and very modern household.


    I hope this article has helped you and given you a better understanding of what a house sign actually means to your property.


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