This places you in your offensive counterparts

  • This places you in your offensive counterparts, a little more or less like Madden NFL this allows players to gain a thorough vision of the floor, and MT 2K23 look for open lanes or open teammates. Additionally, we have found this perspective to be ideal for defense, as you get full-view of the player in your defense and any movements that are happening around you. Of course, it is possible to alter the zoom and height to get a more rounded perspective. You can alter the motion blur in the Settings If you notice that it affects your speed.

    The latest addition to NBA 2K23 allows you to decide how fast or slow the shot counter appears when it is enabled. There are four different options in Controller Settings There are four options available: Very Late, Early in addition to Very late. While playing around with this option will not alter the motions of your jump shots it does affect how quickly the meter is displayed. Personally, we like it to be Very Early.

    As the meter appears almost immediately after pushing the button, and provides you with the opportunity to time your release, but if it seems like you're consistently undercooking shots, you might want extremely Late or something between. The best method to determine which method works best for you is to test with your top players from 2KU.

    In default, your Defensive Assist Strength will be at 50 within the controller Settings. This feature is designed to predict the movement of the opponents you're guarding, however, we're not convinced that it's too overly aggressive at times. You can turn this off completely if it's your belief in your own capabilities on the sticks, however we'd recommend leaving it on to a certain extent, to ensure that you're still able to have a slight amount of magnetism to ensure you remain ahead of rivals. Again, spend some time in 2KU to discover what works for you however, we personally believe that around 25 is the sweet area.

    There's nothing more demoralizing in NBA 2K23 than seeing a open teammate who is unable to stop and then accidentally kicking an object to the wrong person. However, with Controller Settings, you can adjust to alter the Pass Target Profile. This is weighted by a trio of different variables: Pass Target Direction, Pass Target Distance, and Pass Target openness.

    There's a profile option that is more lenient in weighing passing a tick toward openness as opposed to the default setting and we've found that this is the optimal option, although you are free to tweak further to find the one that will work for you. You can also lead one of your teammates into space by pressing Circle, and if you select Full Receiver Control within the Receiver Control option, you'll be able to manually reposition your teammate while holding this button.

    Are you wondering why it's so difficult for you to play NBA 2K23?

    NBA 2K23 came with a lot more features than just an official roster. The newest installment to the most popular basketball game in the world has a plethora of crazy cosmetics, objects such as a hover bike.Cosmetic objects on their own, 2K MT also hauled over an array of brand new animations and reworked shooting and dribbling in an incredibly way. Due to the massive modifications to the game's gameplay so, it's no wonder that players are struggling to get used to the new system. Here are some of the reasons why shooting is so much more challenging this year.