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  • Hey, I am Rocky, 24 years old. I lived in Delhi. I was management student. Today I will share with you my story, when I decided to be a male escort as a Playboy. what I get experience through a playboy job and which online website gives me the satisfaction that I want in my life.

     My First Experience with beautiful lady on Goa Trip: 

    After I joined as a Gigolo boy on Playboys.App I have got many calls from clients but one client which was very memorable for me. She was a 27-year-old high class lady recently out of a long relationship. She First start chart with me through Playboys.App.

    She was totally emotionally broken, sexually starved and mentally abused. She asked me to travel with her to some quiet place only me and she. She wanted to spend some time with me for a better feeling. I said OKAY.

    We went to Goa for the vacation. It was a week-long assignment. I was packed & ready for the new experience. We both travel one night journey on her car for long drive.

    When we reached the hotel, she started crying. She literally broke down in my arms. I hugged her up for sometimes & kissed her on the forehead. She feels relaxed and smiled. After that she shares her lone less and frustrated life all things.

    We had taken shower; I made some drinks for her and had a conversation. Then she started touching me. Hands first followed by my cock. I looked at her. She smiled.

     Sex experience with this beautiful Lady

    The sex with that beautiful lady was incredible. It was as if she knew everything my body craved before I did.

    I moved towards her & kissed her lips. She responded by smooching back. We smooched for 15–20 minutes after which I got into her panties.

    She was moist. Literally dripping. I got my face between her legs & tongue fucked her.

    When she got really mad, I gave her a powerful thrust. She screamed. And not just then, she screamed for the next 2 hours. We will spend together for 1 week and enjoy goa beach with near local night club.

    She was very much happy with me and my service and give a huge amount which I was not imaginable around rs.20000/-  


    That week was crazy. Bondage, love making, rough, and experiments, it was the best experience I could have ever had. And she, despite being married, is the best client I have.

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    As a male Gigolo is without a doubt the best time of my career, so far. Each day always exciting and challenging.

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