WoW patch 9.1.5 Continues To Rename Old Content in the wake of

  • This year marks the 15th anniversary of World of Warcraft 's launch in WOW WOTLK Classic Gold the year 2000. To commemorate this significant occasion, Blizzard is releasing a 15th Anniversary Edition of the game which comes with a variety of physical and in-game goodies. World of Warcraft Classic is also scheduled for release this summer; here's the way Blizzard is hoping to make world of Azeroth be more dangerous.

    WoW patch 9.1.5 Continues To Rename Old Content in the wake of Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

    World of Warcraft 's upcoming patch 9.1.5 is currently being tested on the world's test realm for public testing, and the most recent test build also shows that additional content is undergoing an identity change in order to make it less of a problem.Hazzikostas explained the way in which the team is going about reevaluating older content in the game for the current era.

    In the meantime, the World of Warcraft team has established internal channels for members to talk to one another regarding potentially problematic material that might be worth considering a second glance at. He called it a bottom-up effort on behalf of the team, with members taking note of various things about the game that could have bothered them for a long time but, without an official method for alerting the players to the content in question, was previously not viewed with a critical eye.

    If the content is flagged for a second look after which a panel of team leads of different backgrounds of races, genders and views evaluate the content and decide whether or not the content should remain as it is, be altered, or taken out of the game altogether. It's all down to buy WOTLK Gold whether or not material that is being considered makes the game a less welcoming environment.