Other changes that will be coming to the game in patch 9.1.5

  • The changes to emotes come in the context of Blizzard continues to WOTLK Gold
    work in-game to eliminate inappropriate content after numerous lawsuits and investigations into discrimination in the workplace and harassment against women within Activision Blizzard. The state of California lawsuit's accusations led to the resignation of a number of Blizzard veterans including the former Blizzard President J.

    Allen Brack. Activision Blizzard recently agreed to pay $18 million as settlement following a lawsuit by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regarding discrimination and harassment allegations. Federal Securities and Exchange Commission is conducting an investigation into the company.

    Other changes that will be coming to the game in patch 9.1.5 include the change in names for certain difficult achievements, a less suggestive name for two old bosses in the raid, and the elimination of all references of former staff members. The patch will also bring the game a multitude of improvements that have been requested by players, such as improving the gameplay to be more accessible to alt players and the elimination of not popular mechanics such as the area-of-effect limit as well as Conduit Energy. Shadowlands patch 9.1.5 is not yet set to have an official release date, however it is expected to be released sometime in the fall.

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