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    Automation Testing Interview Questions

    Due to the problems with manual testing, automation testing has become a major factor. In comparison to the time-consuming and labor-intensive procedure needed in manual testing, it is becoming more widely recognized as a viable alternative for ensuring the dependability and quality of software products. As a result, the roles of Test Automation Engineers and Automation Testers have grown to be highly sought-after jobs in the Software Testing industry. Therefore, this comprehensive guide of the Top Automation Testing Interview Questions will undoubtedly be very helpful if you want to breeze through a Test Automation interview.

    We'll examine a list of some of the most significant interview questions for automation testing in this blog. Additionally, several Java and API automation testing interview questions will be taken into consideration. We'll also look at some Selenium Automation Testing Interview Questions since Selenium has emerged as one of the most popular test automation tools.

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    Automation Testing Interview Questions: Basic Level

    Selenium Automation Testing Interview Questions

    Java Interview Questions for Automation Testing

    API Automation Testing Interview Questions

    Test Automation Interview Questions: Advanced Level


    Automation Testing Interview Questions: Basic Level

    1. What is testing via automation?

    With the aid of the proper automation testing tools, the tester first writes test scripts or codes that help validate the program and automate the test execution process. These pre-written tests created by the tester are designed to run automatically and compare the actual results with those anticipated. The results' similarity or divergence aids in assessing the product's quality. Without human interaction, it aids in the automatic completion of repeated activities.

    2. What are the types of Automation Testing? Which types of Software Tests can be Automated?

    The following types of Software Testing can be automated. 

    Regression testing refers to situations where testing repeated procedures and frequent code changes are required, making it very challenging to complete with the use of human resources.

    Determine whether an application can handle a certain amount of transactions by performing load testing (load). As a result, it examines how the product behaves both in typical and peak circumstances.

    Performance testing measures the stability, scalability, and/or speed characteristics of the application that is being tested.

    Unit testing is carried out to make sure that a specific module of an application function as planned.

    UI testing: Verifying that the product complies with graphical user interface requirements.

    Testing for security: Making sure that no one can access an application's login information.

    System testing: Ensures the system's effectiveness in carrying out all other sorts of tests.

    Functional testing is done to make sure the product can carry out all of its intended functions.

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