Why Was 80s Fashion So Bad? 5 Worst 80s Fashion Trends To Avoid

  • While there's no argument that the 80s fashion had many moments of glory, it also had some dreadful stylistic creations.

    In this article, we'll take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the worst 80s fashion trends that make stylists, designers, and fashion lovers cringe.

    Which bad 80s fashion do you think we’ve missed and should include in our next article update?

    Why Was 80s Fashion So Bad?

    Why Was 80s Fashion So Bad?

    80s fashion was bad due to exaggeration, lack of timelessness, discomfort, unflattering fit, and maximalism.


    Many of the 80s styles were characterized by over-the-top silhouettes and bold patterns, nowadays considered excessive and even tasteless.

    Lack of Timelessness

    These fashion styles were particular to the 80s decade and have not aged well. As such, these looks are described as dated and tacky and no longer in fashion.


    Wearing jelly shoes, hammer pants, or spandex suits for extended periods was an excruciating exercise at its best.


    Most styles, such as oversized shoulder pads or hammer pants, were unflattering, distorting the wearer's body beyond recognition.


    The 80s were characterized by excess and lack of restraint. Fashion during this period was often characterized by 'everything too much;' too much makeup, too much jewelry, and too much hair.

    This maximalist approach to fashion and beauty left little room for subtlety or nuance, resulting in a tasteless and unappealing overall look.



    The 80s were a decade of excess in every sense of the word, with everyone competing in the Olympics of fashion but without any rules.

    From all the decade's looks, the styles mentioned in this article are still considered the worst fashion moments of the 80s.

    Overall, the bad trends of the 80s represented a departure from the elegant, understated styles that had dominated previous decades.

    While fashion needs to evolve and experiment with new styles, it is equally important to recognize when a trend does not work.