XLS+ Desktop Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber Aging Experiment

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    At present, the commonly used artificial accelerated aging test methods mainly include xenon lamp, fluorescent ultraviolet lamp, carbon arc lamp, metal lamp and so on. Xenon lamp aging test chamber, ultraviolet light aging test machine, and carbon arc lamp aging test chamber are experimental equipment, which can be provided by Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Welcome customers in need to inquire. Our editor introduces some types of aging test in this article .

    1. Ultraviolet-condensation test: Fluorescent ultraviolet lamps are used as the light source to simulate and strengthen the ultraviolet spectrum that has a significant impact on the deterioration of polymer materials, and to properly control the temperature and humidity to periodically produce condensation on the sample.
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    2. Ultraviolet region: UV distinguishes UV-A wavelength range from 315 to 400nm; UV-B wavelength range from 280 to 315nm; UV-C wavelength <280nm irradiation.

    3. Fluorescent UV lamp: a low-pressure mercury lamp with a wavelength of 254nm, which is converted into a longer wavelength due to the addition of phosphorus coexistence. The energy distribution of the fluorescent UV lamp depends on the emission spectrum produced by the phosphorus coexistence and the spread of the glass tube.

    4. Irradiance: The total amount of incident radiation of all wavelengths, expressed in W/㎡. Because the radiation is distributed according to different wavelengths, the photochemical effects caused by different spectra are very different, so different light sources should not be used for comparison.

    5. Sub-spectral irradiance: Indicates the function of irradiance with wavelength, expressed in W/㎡ of a certain band, usually the irradiance of sunlight is expressed in W/㎡ per 10nm band, State Bureau of Technical Supervision 1993-06 -10 Approved 1994-03-01 Implementation While UV fluorescent lamps are expressed per 1 or 2 nm, spectral irradiance is an appropriate method for comparing light sources with different energy distributions.

    6. Spectral energy distribution: the characteristic curve representing the irradiance of each wavelength, which can be expressed in W/㎡ by power or J by energy. This characteristic curve should include the wavelength range of all incident light, and fluorescent ultraviolet lamps usually Expressed as a relative sub-spectral energy distribution, it is expressed as a percentage of the irradiance at each wavelength compared to the peak value.
    [Image: 1-1FP3120014393.jpg]
    7. Artificial climate (xenon lamp) test: Xenon lamp is used as a light source to simulate and intensify the sunlight spectrum reaching the ground, and to properly control the temperature, humidity and water spray conditions.

    The XLS+ desktop xenon lamp aging test chamber can be compared with the ATLAS XLS+ xenon lamp aging test chamber. It is independently developed and produced by our company. It is cost-effective and is used to test the response of materials to long-term light, heat and temperature in the use environment. It is suitable for a variety of flat or 3D samples. , is a desktop xenon lamp aging test chamber.

    The main parameters:

    01. 1×1700W air-cooled xenon lamp;
    02. Exposure area of 1100cm2;
    03. Directly set and control the irradiance, the wavelength range is 300~800nm/lux, 300~400nm/400nm;
    04. Store 10 user-defined test methods;
    05. The vertical design size is 90×54×62cm;
    06. BST temperature control range is 45~100℃, BPT is 45~95℃.

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