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Valheim Game, Best Survival game on pc 2021. It’s Valheim

The Game is still in early access, Valkyries have taken the best Viking warriors to the mighty afterlife on 10th real Valheim. The Real is filled with creatures and every biome is governed by big bad. Gameplay involves constructing builds and gaining experiences to survive against the mighty seas.

In this blog post we will share some general everyday survival tips and tricks that will have you surviving the world of Valheim without any trouble and help along for seamless Valheim gameplay.

It's very important to be aware of falling trees as they can essentially kill you, So do not get in the way of them when chopping down trees. 

Swimming across large bodies of water can be tempting, but it's important to remember that swimming uses up your stamina and you'll eventually die from drowning if you don't have enough stamina left.

Flint is one of the most crucial commodities you'll need early on in the game, but where do you look for it? Search the edges or boundries of the various bodies of water that can be found throughout Valheim's biomes for Flint. Flint has a rectangular form and is white/grey in colour.

Shielding yourself from enemies is a critical part of survival. So you should craft a shield as early as possible.

You'll need to learn how to parry your enemies correctly in order to be successful in Valheim.

When you press R on your keyboard, it will sheathe your weapon and this way you can carry it on your back.

One way to increase your space while on a trip is by building a Cart. This cart has an additional 18 inventory slots, and can be crafted with Bronze Nails and x20 Wood. The Cart also doesn't feature a weight limit, making it perfect for transport of heavy ore! 

The wind is a factor in the game. You can see streaks in the game that represents wind. The minimap on the lower left corner also display the wind direction.

Keep in mind that animals are sensitive to scent. If you're upwind, animals especially a deer will run away long before it sees you. So you should stay stealthy and be aware of the wind while hunting.

In Valheim, picking up an ingredient unlocks various crafting recipes. By picking up stone and wood in the begining of the game, it will unlock some basic tools like stone axe, the club, and the hammer.

You will only be able to carry a certain amount of things with you at a time. This means that you'll have to choose what to bring along with you instead of taking everything with you. You'll also gradually become encumbered by weight, so it's important that only pick up what will help achieve your next goal. 

We sometimes make careless mistakes and set ourselves on fire while we're campfire-ing. When you drop a deer rug on the floor, it is a good way to measure how close you can get to the fire. If that doesn't work, build a 2m wooden beam around your fire so you won't accidentally wander into it.

Starting Valheim will give you a health of 25 points, and your stamina gauge is pretty limited too, so you'll run out of them quickly. Eating food has the potential to increase your max health and stamina for a set time, as well as heal you.


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