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    SINGAPORE, June 22 (Xinhua) -- Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) will return to VivoCity from Thursday to June 26 for Navy@@Vivo 2016 as the Navy's continuing community outreach efforts, said the Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) in a press release on Wednesday.


    Themed "Maritime Force for a Maritime Nation", Navy@@Vivo 2016 will showcases RSN's fighting technologies and capabilities, offering the public opportunities to get up close with RSN's weapons and equipment, as well as chances to interact with the men and women from the Navy.


    MINDEF said that RSN's Formidable-class stealth frigate RSS Tenacious, together with a Sikorsky S-70B naval helicopter, will be open for public visits at the promenade of VivoCity, which is regarded as Singapore's largest retail and lifestyle destination.


    The event will also feature shore exhibits such as a 3D mock-up of a submarine to allow visitors to see and feel what it is like to live on board the submarine. Visitors can experience firing a naval ship's gun at the Littoral Mission Vessel (LMV) simulator as well.


    Besides, weapons and equipment used by RSN's Naval Diving Unit will be on display, and visitors can take pictures with the naval divers and members of the Accompanying Sea Security Team. The public will also be able to observe the conduct of RSN's ceremonial sunset, a long-standing naval tradition.


    Andy Tay, chairman of Navy@@Vivo 2016, expected that the event will bring the Navy closer to the public.


    "With visits to RSS Tenacious and the exhibition at VivoCity, we hope to share with the public some of our capabilities and what the Navy is doing to protect the sea lanes." said Tay.


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