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    February 9, 2018 3:50 AM EST
    Hair loss in men is common and world over more than 6 million men are bald. The number keeps increasing and it is indeed alarming too. Hair loss in men is generally associated to genetics. If the father is bald the son also turns bald. Hair loss in men gives the person an old look. Also self confidence takes a beating and makes the man an introvert. Moreover women like men with thick and bushy hair on the head so that they look macho. Today due to undue stress and pollution men are becoming bald in their twenties. Premature balding is taking place at an increasingly startling rate.

    One of the reasons for hair loss in men is men have a higher level of DHT (dihydro testosterone) that can cause male pattern baldness. Your hair follicles have become sensitive to the changing hormonal activity in your scalp. This sensitivity to DHT is present mainly in hair follicles that reside in the front Harrison Barnes USA Jersey , top, and crown of the scalp (rather than the back and sides) producing an easily identifiable pattern. Due to DHT hair starts thinning and shortens in growth, causing miniaturization (decreased size) of the follicles, and producing progressively shorter, finer hairs. Eventually these hairs totally disappear. Due to this hair loss in men occurs in a pattern.

    Another issue that we are unable to understand is the time factor. Hair loss in men does not occur all at once and it is not a steady Draymond Green USA Jersey , straight line progression. Normally it is cyclical. There is an alternating period of slow and rapid hair loss and sometimes it is even constant. Many of the factors that cause the rate of loss to speed up or slow down is not known, but we do know that with age, a person s total hair volume decreases.

    Hair loss in men not only affects physically it affects the man mentally also. A person losses his self confidence, becomes shy and feel embarrassed about balding. Many men feel insecure due to this. Men have been stressed and depressed due to hair loss or alopecia and have been under medication to overcome the shame. Though mostly genetics is blamed for male pattern hair loss, many times it can be due to other environmental issues also.

    Pollution is one reason where hair loss is imminent. Water contamination Derrick Rose USA Jersey , dandruff and stress are also reasons for hair loss in men. Lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes also induce hair loss. Medications taken for other diseases may have side effects leading to hair loss.

    There are many ways to avert hair loss. By taking balanced nutrition, you can avoid the shedding of hair. If it is genetic then hair transplants and hair extensions can help you sport a crowning glory. There is no way you can stop balding. But you can treat it artificially by wearing a wig or going in for cosmetic treatments. After all it is a matter of head and heart as well.

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