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    January 10, 2018 10:45 PM EST
    Like many items cell phone cases need to be replaced from time to time. Certain signs can tell you when to get a new cell phone cover and do away with the present one. Most items offer durability but after a certain period of time each and every item needs to be replaced. Generally toothbrushes are replaced every 6 months or when the bristles bow out and mattresses can be used for a span of 9-10 years before being replaced. There is no specific time to replace a cell phone case , however certain signs may indicate that it is time to get rid of the old cell phone case and get a new one. Here are certain signs that can tell you when to get rid of the old cell phone case and buy a new one.

    Cell Phone Case Becomes Dirty:

    Dirt, dust or lint can get into the charging port of your cell phone or headphone jack and damage it. Moisture can get trapped in a tight-fitting cell phone case and encourage the formation of mildew or growth of mould. A dirty cell phone case can contribute to the damage of your cell phone. Thus when your cell phone becomes dirty over time especially a silicone cell phone case, replace it with a new one.

    Advanced Features:

    With advancement in technology cell phone cases with new and advanced features are available in the market. Thus despite of your cell phone case being in a good condition, you could yearn for a more improved and better one. For instance, the light up cell phone case is equipped with front facing LED light that helps in video chat and in taking selfies.

    Cell Phone Case Interferes with Phone Functions:

    Though it is rare to find a cell phone case interfering with the functions of your cell phone, but it is not impossible. A cell phone case crafted from metal can interfere with the signal of a cell phone and it is quite often heard that a cell phone case blocked a user’s phone signal. A plastic cell-phone cover can contribute to the overheating of a cell phone. The purpose of using a cell phone cover is to protect your phone from damage and enhance performance and not the other way round. If your cell phone cover interferes with the functions of texting , talking or internet surfing, it is high time you buy a Samsung Galaxy light phone case. This cell phone cover will add to the improved performance of the cell phone rather than interfering with its functions.

    Broken Cell Phone Case:

    After dropping a cell phone if the cover breaks, it is time for you to have it replaced with a new cover. A broken cell phone case not only looks bad but also interferes with its function. It becomes difficult to text or talk on the phone if a broken piece of plastic is constantly poking you. Thus, it is high time you invest in a glass iPhone screen protector or a new cell phone case.Thus, there is no particular time span during which you have to replace your old cell phone case with a new one. But the above mentioned factors can help you to decide when to buy a new cell phone case or a selfie stick phone case. Shoe fashion is a mode of expressing yourself through footwear. Shoes often represent a particular style or era and every year footwear designers try to add and create new trends that can represent the present time of the year and hopefully make a mark in history forever.

    There are many shoe styles through, which we recollect a period of time. Those styles still live because they were extremely successful and often in a classic way which always was and will be eternal.

    There are many of us who want to wear shoes that are in fashion at any cost; not only in the present year but every single season: spring , summer, fall and winter. However, there is one thing we do not stop to consider: does the shoe style suit us?

    How do you know if a footwear style fits you well? Everything in fashion is picked to match and put our best features forward and in order for you to put yours, you need to be aware of your foot shape and leg shape.

    Your height and weight will determine whether you should choose shoe style that will emphasize a feature in your body, mainly your legs. For example, shoes with higher heels are always flattering and elongate the leg - perfect for those with short legs. But if you are tall , perhaps you want to de-emphasize your legs. If you are very thin, you might not want to wear the fashionable big chunky shoe styles which might end up looking like bricks dangling of the bottom of your very thin legs.

    Also remember, if you wear uncomfortable shoes, others will know! How fashionable can you look when your shoes are hurting your feet and you are limping. Or if your shoes are too looses and your feet are coming out of them! Yes, comfort has to be part of your shoe fashion style because style encompasses your entire body - including what your face is expressing. So pick stylish shoes that are also comfortable for you to wear.

    It is important you be your own critic and friend in order to be able to choose the best shoe styles that will put your best foot forward and thus, give you your moneys worth. What good does it do to wear footwear that is the latest fashion but does not suit your style and personality?

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