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Yoga accessories you need

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    March 13, 2017 8:07 AM EDT

    The yoga program comes with a number of yoga accessories you need to start your yoga practice. There are a number of things to get done before buying these accessories. This article will explain what these accessories are, how and when to use them. Before purchasing any of these accessories, you should already register at a yoga studio.
    Yoga mat bag : A yoga mat bag is a bag that is used to carry yoga accessories. The yoga mat bag is of different types. It could be a yoga bag to be carried with your hand or it could be a yoga backpack to be carried on your back. They both serve the same purpose because they are meat to carry your yoga accessories conveniently. One of the reasons the yoga mat bag or backpack was introduced into the market, was because of the space for the yoga mat, which will be explained next.
    Yoga mat: A yoga mat is a rectangular piece of material, which is laid on the floor to be used, when performing yoga poses. The yoga mat comes in different sizes and material. The most popular material known is the one made with PVC. This is due to it sticky surface. The sticky surface of the yoga mat is made to hold your feet or hands in position, so that you do not slip off the mat, when practicing yoga. It is very essential that you purchase a yoga mat with the sticky surface. Besides the fact that it prevents you from slipping off, it is also very durable. You will be using it for a very long time.
    The yoga blankets; Yoga blankets is a wider rectangle piece of soft material, usually made from wool or cotton. It is used over a yoga mat. It can be folded multiple times to serve as a cushion for your hips, keens, elbows, back, tights, ankle etc. It is always used to support any area that seems to cause discomfort when trying out a yoga pose. The comfort it gives makes you enjoy the yoga poses. It also helps you focus on your pose, rather than on the pressure or pain you may feel when any part of your body is in direct contact with the floor.
    Yoga pillow: Yoga pillow is also most similar to yoga blankets and they server almost the same purpose. As the name implies, a yoga pillow is a soft bag that is stuffed with soft materials like feathers or cotton to support any area of the body. In this case, when performing yoga poses, it is used to support areas like the hip, keen, elbow, ankle etc. But to use a yoga pillow, you need a yoga mat, as opposed to a yoga blanket, where you may not necessarily need a yoga mat. A yoga blanket can be used as a mat.
    Water bottle: It is important to drink water when exercising, so taking along a water bottle is important. Usually the yoga mat bag comes with has an external holder for your water bottle.