Specific Explanation for Mystical Staff RuneScape from Build-A-

  • The recent event RuneScape Build-A-Fayre may have come to an end, and many players are eager to know what rewards they can get. Do you know what the level of your mystical staff RuneScape has reached? That depends on your progress you have completed during the RuneScape Build-A-Fare event.
    How can you get the mystical staff RuneScape?
    Mystical staff RuneScape is a reward for RuneScape Build-A-Fayre event, which you can get from the Reward chest. And the Reward chest is located at the Lumbridge Crater. But please remember the Reward chest cannot be opened until the end of the Build-A-Fayre event.   
    What level of mystical staff RuneScape have you reached?
    The Mystical staff RuneScape you get will correspond with your progress. At first you can unlock the level 65 mystical staff when your personal and community progress have come to 10%. And then the level of mystical staff will be at 70 while you reach 30%.
    If you reach 50%, the mystical staff will become a cosmetic override. What’s more, on the mystical staff there will be unlimited fire, water and earth runes with 70% progress reached. And the mystical staff even can upgrade to level 75 when you get to 90% progress.
    What can you do if you lose your mystical staff RuneScape?
    You can regain the mystical staff from Diango when you lose it. If you want get level 65 mystical staff, you will need 75,000 coins. Besides it will take you 100,000 coins for level 70, and 500,000 coins for level 75.
    The mystical staff RuneScape is not available for Ironmen but the cosmetic override.
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