Total drops from Runescape Skilling Pets

  • As the introduction of Runescape skilling pets makes a success, Combat Pets Competition is in full swing. Here we will give you some needed tips on how to enter the combat pet competition, while unveiling the total drops from skilling pets. Now buy runescape gold cheap and work hard to earn runescape pets for you!It is well known that Skilling pets are sought after in Runescape now. Mod Shauny has summed up the total drops from all 19 skilling pets. From the picture on the right, we can see the drops from all the skill pets, except for Bernie pets. For Bernie pets, there are currently 13, 728 in game.
    Tips to join in Runescape Combat Pet Competition
    Recently, some of the awesome combat pets have been coming up with. Do you have any good idea about rs gold combat skill pets? Now it’s time to enter the competition which will close on May 9.
    1. Send the original work of your pet concept to, with your display name, the pet name, the skill the pet is for, and other details you want to include.
    2. Or you can enter on Twitter ot Instagram using the hashtag #MyCombatPet. The above details are required on the image.
    The combat skills requiring a pet concept include Attack, Constitution, Defence, Magic, Prayer, Ranged, Strength and Summoning. You can submit the concepts as many as you like, for as many skills as you like. 5 for each skill will be picked out and polled in game. The winner will be released into the game.The chance to let players be involved with the design is priceless. So take the time to submit your pet concepts for combat skills. It would probably release in Runescape.When you make a Runescape account then you can perform several important actions such as buying runescape account from a trusted site like Then choose a safe payment method and PayPal are one means of payment which is safe for you.Have you ever wonder how some of those guys get their levels are up so quickly? You do not need to wonder because you also can do the same thing as what they have done is to buy runescape gold osrs to level up your account through the site You can increase your level by purchasing a variety of expertise available in