Runescape Valentine's Pt 2 Coming 15th February

  • It's a application week, so arch on over to the application addendum for abounding data of what we've been tweaking.

    Highlights cover a rework of the Shield of Arrav quest, which can now be completed after a amateur partner, and quality-of-life improvements to both Shield of Arrav and Heroes' Adventure – including the adeptness to change your assemblage affiliation.

    Note that Heroes' Adventure still requires a accomplice to complete.

    Valentine's Continues

    00:00 UTC on 15th February, attending out for the additional allotment of this year's Valentine's event.

    Please Note

    While allotment 2 of the accident shares a theme, setting, characters and advancing adventure with allotment 1, it is mechanically absolutely different. Be abiding to do aggregate you ambition to do in allotment 1 afore it ends at 23:59 UTC on February 14th.

    You've helped Wizard Deedit bright Lumbridge Crater of amplitude rocks, but the adherence sprites accept gone wandering.

    Collect bolt debris through skilling and action activities and Circadian Challenges, again barter these for rewards Wizard Deedit's Sprites-Be-Gone Rewards Store.

    This includes a sprite costume, which – if both pieces are beat – allows you to shoo off up to 10 adherence sprites dotted about the world, for an XP lamp anniversary time.

    There are aswell abstruseness boxes to affirmation Deedit, and the admirable cost of a adherence sprite pet to alarm your own.

    You can aggregate up to 1000 bolt per day, and 10,000 will get you all the rewards on offer. The accident lasts 14 days.

    If you'd like to get the rewards sooner, you can absorb RuneCoins at the rewards abundance to up your circadian acquisition limit.

    Game Jam Streams

    We've got the absolute 2nd-screen examination actual for you this Double XP Weekend: the aboriginal RuneScape Game Jam.

    You've been suggesting some alarming account for high-impact content, and now 25 developers accept a weekend to aftermath as abounding as they can.

    Follow their journey, and get sneak-peeks at some of the being they'll be developing in two reside streams: starting 3pm UTC on the 18th and 19th of February.

    Catch it reside on Twitch. Keep your eye out for some absolute behind-the-scenes interviews on our Facebook and Twitter pages, too!