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  • Business is growing for two graduates who decided to pay off their university debts by selling advertising space on their faces .Ross Harper and Ed Moyse, both from Oxford , are selling advertising space for hundreds of pounds a day and have earned more than £25,000 since setting up business last October.

    Anyone can buy the advertising space , from businesses to individuals or groups, on a day-to-day basis, through the pair’s website, buymyface .co. uk. The logo  is then seen by people as they go about their daily business. The pair sold their first face ads to friends and family for just £ 1 a day, but as need has increased, so has the daily price , which has reached an amazing £400 by now, the end of May. So far , the main customers have been07 rs gold Paddy Power , the online betting agency , and accountancy firmEarnest & Young , which is now the website ‘s official sponsor .

    Moyse and Harper said , “ It’s our special way of paying off our student debts. We’ve seen so many students unsuccessfully applying for jobs , only to find one that they never really wanted. It’s just something a bit different and has taken off quite nicely.”