Meyer Color Sorter CF7+ Multi-usage Color Sorter

  • CF Excellent Features:
    1.LED light source — high spectral purity and stable power supply ensures a long lifetime for this machine.
    2.NIR function — impurities are rejected by this function, and ensure the quality of product.
    3.2048 CCD sensor — the top sensor brings the characteristics of high resolution, high recognition and incomparable accuracy for this machine.
    4.Special enlarged flat chute — it can help the output capacity of machine increase 50% or higher. 
    5.FPGA processor — the processing speed and efficiency of mass data are improved by this processor.
    6.Specialized ejector assembly — the material wastage and carryover ratio decrease to minimum.
    7.Enclosed feeding system — this system is adopted in this color sorter for protecting vibrators and chutes well, top dust collection device is easy for equipping.
    8.Double air passage — ensuring a stable performance on materials with high impurity.
    9.New operation interface— which supplies a faster and more humanized environment for users.
    10.Fault self-detection system — helping users know more details by diagnosing different faults automatically. 
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