HMC-50A horizontal machining center for sale

  • A、High rigidity, long-term precision Retain:
    The machine tool bed, saddle, table, column, spindle box and other large pieces are molded of high quality resin sand、cast by High-quality cast iron、and adopted box or honeycomb structure and arranged with sufficient ribs, and aging , So that the machine can be high rigidity and long-term stability of accuracy.
    B、high-precision, high dynamic response characteristics:
    Spindle with Taiwan's products, which placed in the spindle box,Imported Japan (or Germany) precision angular contact spindle bearings,the span of support is large, so that the spindle to obtain high rigidity at the same time, access to high spindle accuracy.
    C、good thermal stability:
    Main motor is located in the center of the spindle box, symmetrical force, symmetry of thermal deformation, good thermal stability.
    D、 high efficiency:
    The maximum spindle speed can be reached 10000rpm,X/Z axis fast up to 48m / min,
    Automatic cycle in the  magazine tool can be manually loaded and unloaded magazine toolreplacement, tool change time up to knife knife 2.9sec.
    high quality requirements throughout the entire production process, each component has been thoroughly examined and tested;These data for product development is an indispensable part of the main,Through continuous monitoring and data collection, we continue to optimize engineering, design and manufacturing methods,To ensure the quality of each machine .

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