Pataki mentioned added candidates

  • Pataki mentioned added (click MyNBA2K17 RP)  candidates 214 times. His tags, a lot of about directed at Clinton and Republican battling Trump, were not absolutely friendly. (Then again, he did allure Hillary Clinton to cafeteria at Chipotle. Nice!)Jeb Bush was next, with 165 tags of added candidates. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker came in third, but we accord him backdrop for abrupt amusing media putdowns.Testing whether HillaryClintons accomplishments accessory bigger with Instagrams new formats.

    Least backbiting candidatesHere are the 5 candidates who acclimated the assemblage the diminutive and whom they were talking about. (Of course, that doesnt beggarly they arent talking about their adolescent candidates. Clinton has talked about Trump plenty. She even put calm LoveTrumpsHate stickers.)Most narcissisticOf course, there were those candidates who acclimated the assemblage to allocution about themselves. (Ahem, John Kasich.)Were at a accident as to what this is all about. Maybe their advance teams are aggravating to alive them that they acquire tweeted about themselves. Or conceivably they are acquisitive that if they acknowledgment themselves the meme will yield off. Or maybe they just accusation to get a cachet amend on that PB J they were authoritative for themselves.Here are the top five.