Ronzo - Bauer: I am better than Fulz

  • Ronzo - Bauer and Mark - Fulz are the (for more info about NHL 17 Coins click  top 2017 NBA draft pick, but in contrast, it seems that public opinion is more inclined to Fuerz.

    In an interview with the media recently, Ronzo - Powell published his views on himself and Fuer who is better off.

    "Fulz is a great player, but I think I'm better than him," Ronzo Bauer said. "I think I can lead a team better than him."

    "Obviously, he is an excellent scorer, and I say I'm better than him, not to deny that he is very good," Langzo Bauer added.

    Ronzo-Powell's words were somewhat similar to his father's Laval-Bauer's remarks, but Ronzo was more euphemistic than his father.

    Earlier this month, Laval - Bauer has also expressed to the media that Rango - Bauer better view.

    "In a player who can make everyone in the team get better and get a game of 40 points but the team lost, you told me you want to choose the latter?" Laval - Bauer said The