Iniesta: happy for the team to win, Barcelona to keep on

  • Barcelona captain Iniesta was satisfied with  Forza Horizon 3 Credits  the victory after the team beat Valencia: "We control the rhythm of the game from start to finish, even though the opponent seized the opportunity to locate the ball and fight back.If we have been through their own way It 's tough to defend our opponents, so we just have a chance to get a chance, and we've created so many opportunities for the game, and I'm always happy with the team' s play today.

    The game Gomez scored his goal in Barcelona's La Liga, Iniesta was pleased for him: "We are all happy for him, the league has hope, we have to seize their own opportunities, opportunities in front We can not let it slip away.

    Iniesta thinks Barcelona will continue to work hard: "Our status is very good, so we played a very good game, we must continue to improve themselves in order to launch our impact to the target."