Harden: always with the mentality to prove that we are wrong to

  • Rockets at home to 139-100 victory over the Cheap NHL 17 Coins  Lakers, Rockets star James - Harden played the game 31 minutes, 12 of 6 shots, got 18 points and 12 rebounds and 13 assists, after the game Harden won the NBA TV "Crunch Time "program.

    This is Harden this season, the first 17 times to get three pairs, the host asked whether Harden will be in front of several MVP voters say something?

    "I do not know what you want me to say, really, I only care about winning, so my team in the playoffs when the best position, I know that before the start of the season, some doubt , Is to prove that they are wrong with the kind of attitude to play, unite the teammates, so that they are in the best place to succeed. "Harden said.

    Rockets Louis - Williams today face the old club Lakers played off the bench played 32 minutes, 17 shots 11, got 30 points 7 assists and 4 rebounds and 2 steals 1 blocks.

    "He is very suitable for our play, we have that freedom, he played very aggressive, he hit the shot, he is also a good organizer, and his point was ignored in the summer (last year Summer), our management brought the right players, and we know how frustrating it was last season, what you know is to bring the right players and play in the right way, "Harden said.

    Harden then said: "This is my first season to play point guard, you have to realize this, my mistakes are still a little more, I love the teammates to create shooting opportunities, when everyone is shooting in the time, everyone Very happy, it gave us energy, let us move forward.

    So what is the difference between the season and the previous season? Harden said: "In fact, only one season, we are two before the season or the second in the West, is the staff and the coach is different, they brought me some people who want to compete, the coach has helped me a lot, I was Play every night to play.