Former manager: believe that Leverkusen can qualify for the war

  • A veteran Leverkusen poor record this  Cheap MyNBA2K17 RP  season, but the former Leverkusen manager Karlmond believe that Leverkusen eventually able to qualify for the European war.

    "Leverkusen is still eligible for the war in Europe," said Karlmond, who was interviewed by Cologne Express. "At the same time Calmond praised the work of Warler:" The team no longer has a political struggle. And his team did a good job. "In addition, Calmond said the team must pay more attention to the team spirit:" In the game against Bremen can see that many players pay too much attention to their own, must be stopped as soon as possible. "

    Karlmond believes that Leverkusen can qualify for the war in Europe: "This is of course real, there is potential."