Ram hit the ball will break the number of 30,000, as the first

  • According to the "Sports Video" reported that Saturday against the Frankfurt league, if no accident, Ram will reach a historic achievement, that is, his touch the ball will reach 30000 times.

    German media said that Bayern legend captain Rum's current total number of league goals has reached 29,984 times, only 16 times can be achieved 30,000 times the achievements of their own data since the 1999 data statistics, but also from any A player's league ball count can reach or even close to Ram's achievements.

    TOP10 Ranking: Ram (29984), Schweinsteiger (23513), Rafinha (22283), Frings (22223), Cheltenano (20977), Gonzalo - Castro (20,682), Germany (20001), Westman (19773), Fritz (19254), Naldo (19250)