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  • But it’s in fact the only trans-national competition where you can really see how strong teams and the league is.“This plus a lot of players like for instance Chicharito are very important. We love the fact that Chicharito plays in the Bundesliga. We know how important he is for us. I think he sees also that his style of play fits very much to German football. You see that it’s not about just going to another league or whatever. More and more players understand their style of play fits more to one team or one league better than some other leagues. For instance, we have some of the best Japanese players in Germany.

    You have six or seven Japanese national players.Items of importance for cannot offer the third option (unless you count the wilderness that is the CCL), but the previous two are within reach. MLS is a good league, not on the Bundesliga's level but a good league nonetheless. Is Houston's playing style then conducive? Can they earnestly FIFA 17 coins a paradigm-shifting player, based on the fans in the seats and the tactical system in place, he'd be well-served in Houston based on the kind of soccer they play? Based on recent years, first under Dom Kinnear and then under Coyle, you'd have to say no.Those questions are the next frontier for the Dynamo, a club with arguably more untapped potential than any in the league.

    Once they can begin solving them, a sleeping giant in the south will awaken from a slumber that's been far too deep and lasted far too long.|||MLS is full of cautionary tales so quiet and barely whispered that they dissipate before rising to an auditory decibel level. Who weeps for Omar Salgado? Or Danny Mwanga? In a league that struggles for abiding storylines, there is barely enough room for Michael Jordans, let alone Sam Bowies.And yet even as the league's narrative generator struggles to kick online, what has happened to Cubo Torres in MLS remains one of the saddest unfurling what-ifs in MLS history. And it is getting worse.In Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, we're introduced to a young, handsome socialite caught between two worlds: the hedonism of Lord Henry and the quiet, humble asceticism of Basil Hallward.