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  • To you. Second of all, if you do the exact same thing –if you die in a leveland you go back and NBA Live Coins ou play again and you make the exact same movements- youstill won’t hear the same music. Now that’s something that I think is very exciting.M: Definitely.Our goal was to create a game that you could play from beginning to end and you would, literally, never hear the same piece of music played twice.B: I should touch


    on the reason. We didn’t just do this to make it exciting or to havesomething to do. The reason we did this is that I find that game music frequentlyviolates its primary function in terms of audience reaction. Game music is supposedto, nine times out of ten, make you feel tension, suspense, fear, panic, adrenaline,excitement, and one of these emotions. But, the more you hear it, the less effective itis at doing exactly that.


    And, ultimately, no matter how scary music inherently is, nomatter how dissonant, or fast, or aggressive, or spooky, once you’ve heard it threeor four times your brain categorizes it as something that’s familiar and it no longerhas that impact. You can see this happening in horror movies; you see it happeningin games; you see it happen in television. It’s just the way our brain is hardwired.Quite frankly, I think it goes back to


    our primordial caveman days. A sound thatis different out there in the woods is probably a lion that is going to eat you. Yourbrain automatically knows, pay attention to that. But then after awhile, if it justkeeps going and proves that it’s no threat your brain knows as a survival instinct,that’s not a threat. It’s like Cheap NBA 2K17 MT  car alarm outside your window, after five minutes youdon’t even hear it anymore. How does this apply to game music?


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