Building materials brand Spring Festival big offer

  • The audience hundreds of brands, some products and even as low as 3 fold more than the sale of B & Q in the New Year the occasion of the arrival of large-scale promotional activities really make a lot of consumers feel very shocking benefits. Recently, the reporter learned from the Dongguan B & Q marketing department, including wall and floor tiles, windows and doors profiles, curtains, bedding, sanitary ware, paint, kitchen cabinets and other nearly 200 kinds of products have substantial outdoor flooring

    As the last pre-holiday discount, B & Q The promotion has a very clear targeted. First of all, for the moment is being intensively renovated owners, B & Q launched a large number of preferential building materials promotion products. The most striking should be considered doors and windows decking for 24 foot pool

    Star Li Bao, poetry Mercure, China House, a good facade, and so launched a substantial discount, which only Liubao launched 10 special products, while the original price of 208 yuan / square of the straight side of the film 125 White Series , Special is as low as 78 yuan / square, only 3 fold more. In the wooden floor, the hot stars, proud Kay, Power Dekor, macaws and so joined the ranks of the promotion, not only launched a number of "buy 10 get 1 free" or "buy 8 get 1 free" activities, and some products The cost is also partially or totally saved for the customer.advantages and disadvantages of wood plastic wall